Internet Conference Call

How to Set Up an Internet Conference Call

The world has changed. Yesterday’s offices are sitting vacant as more remote workers set up shop permanently in their homes. Meetings once spent sitting around a conference table with a speakerphone are being replaced by virtual meetings where the table you may be sitting around is in your kitchen. Technology has greatly improved the efficiency…

Call Center Tools for a Remote Workforce

7 Key Call Center Tools for a Remote Workforce

In August 2020, KM World published a new article called “The Call Center of the Future: WFH is Here to Stay.” The article pointed out that not only did the majority of call centers switch to remote work last year, call volumes during the pandemic increased exponentially. Instead of causing these new remote call center…

Lessons Learned In A Pandemic Reality

Gain insights on how office, retail, food service and other types of businesses have transitioned during the pandemic. You will discover:
• Low-cost tips to improve your current communication infrastructure for in-person and remote workers.
• How to implement tools to monitor and maximize employee productivity.
• Steps you can follow to consolidate technologies, improve overall efficiencies, and reduce costs.